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As a Marketing Intern for Mindecology, an agency based in Austin, TX, I wrote and created social media posts for clients such as Swoovy, the City of Celina, and the DAM Music Show. The deliverables I created include short videos, headline-driven graphics, and a month-long Facebook campaign to raise $15,000. 


Swoovy is a dating app that matches couples through volunteer events. I was tasked with creating videos for Facebook to explain the app's services and gain more exposure.

I created the concept behind these videos, wrote the copy, and utilized stock videos to show why combining dating and volunteering can lead to love. 

Swoovy wanted to raise $15,000 through GoFundMe to expand its services to include friend-matching. I was tasked with promoting the fundraiser on Swoovy's Facebook through engaging and relevant content aimed at young adults.

After a month of campaigning, we raised $15,416, exceeding Swoovy's goal. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 10.42.55
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 10.43.11


The City of Celina wanted simple, headline-focused graphics for Facebook to increase interest in living there. Following their slogan "Life Connected", I created 10 graphics that embody Celina's laid-back, close-knit culture. 

Celina FbAd3.png
Celina Facebook Ad2.png

The City of Celina created a podcast for locals to tune in about daily happenings. To promote this, I created more graphics focusing on how the podcast allows you to be connected to Celina anywhere you are. 

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